10 Ways to Upgrade Your Construction Business Through Mobile Forms

Every organization seeks to increase productivity. Find out how choosing Kizeo Forms to manage your business’ information will help you achieve this.

Managing a construction business is not an easy job. There are lots of things that require attention. Building strong foundations, guaranteeing proper electricity and water functioning, and supervising the use of materials are just some of them.

Dealing with the demands that this type of business requires can be tiring, even overwhelming at times. This is why counting on the right team and tools is essential.

It is because we acknowledge this, that today we'd like to show you how mobile forms can assist you in handling many of your construction business' needs. Read on and learn how this fantastic digital tool can help you upgrade your organisation!

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Facilitate bureaucracy

Every organisation has its bureaucratic side, commonly filled with documents, paperwork, and folders. Mobile forms have come to put an end to such an archaic system and refine your construction business processes. Read on to find out how!

1) Swiftly CHECK in your equipment

Construction sites frequently rely on essential pieces of equipment. These tools and machines are elemental to accomplish the required enterprise. As a consequence, keeping track of each of them is key.

Mobile forms provide a simple and rapid way to perform equipment assessments. Through the creation of the corresponding forms, workers on-site can record inventory on a daily basis, or inspect equipment for damages every so often.

Mobile forms allow users to include checklists. This feature can significantly help you and your team CHECK on your on-site equipment in a rapid and clear way. By using checklists on your forms, you will be able to:

  • Boost productivity: checklists are fast to complete, thus allowing team members to carry out assessments quickly.

  • Minimise mistakes: this element guarantees nothing will be forgotten or lost in translation. Checklists provide a direct and understandable way to collect data.

Consequently, by consistently monitoring each apparatus and machine carefully, you will minimise the chances of waking up to a broken bulldozer or a missing excavator.

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2) Say goodbye to paper-based contracts!

Working on construction means partnering with a huge amount of vendors, professionals and employees. To establish working conditions, salaries, and more, contracts are the most common medium to go about it. Now, imagine handling 5 construction projects simultaneously, each of them involving 30 different people. That's a lot of contracts, right? Drafting each of them and, later, finding where to store them can be tedious, error-prone, and poorly efficient.

Once again, mobile forms are the answer! This digital tool can save you and your team significant time, by enabling you to create all of the contracts necessary for your daily activities. From general contractor forms to sales and legal information invoices, the sky is your limit! By simply selecting one of the available templates and customising its fields you will be able to significantly minimise the amount of time spent working on these documents. As a consequence, every team member will be able to focus on more relevant tasks, helping you lead your construction projects to success.

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Interested in going beyond? Some form builder apps offer a feature that might come in handy when drafting contracts. We’re referring to the “digital signature” feature. Kizeo Forms is one of the solutions that include this element. By implementing it you will be guaranteed no change will be made to your form (or contract) after it has been signed and saved. Talk about practicality! If you’d like to learn more about the signature element, head on to our website and find out all there is to know!

3) Stop searching! Store everything you need in one place

Picking up where we left off, projects in the construction industry demand lots of documentation, legal contracts and inventories. By implementing a mobile forms app you will be guaranteed never to lose any of these documents again.

Mobile forms apps most frequently store all of the collected data in servers connected to the Cloud. This means:

  • Being able to access any piece of information in just a few clicks
  • Minimising the chances of data loss
  • Reducing the possibility of information being stolen

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Speaking about information being stolen, we know what you might be thinking “data theft also occurs online”, and you’re right. That’s why we are one step ahead of you. Most mobile form apps count on security measures to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. Take Kizeo Forms for instance. Security is one of our top priorities! It is moved by this priority that our solution includes the following security features:

  • Encrypted forms: all of the data is encrypted, right from the storage to the transmission of the information.

  • GDPR compliance: Kizeo Forms is in complete compliance with the General European Data Protection Regulations. We take into consideration the 3 key principles associated with data collection and ensure privacy by design.

  • Security audits: we conduct bi-annual background checks and regular in-depth security audits, both internally and externally. Any reported vulnerabilities are prioritised and resolved quickly. 

If you’d like to learn more about Kizeo’s security standards, don’t forget to visit our website and find out!

All in all, Kizeo Forms can simplify your data management processes as you will be able to store all your information in just one place. Accessing data easily and having every piece of information at hand can undoubtedly reduce the time you previously wasted looking for documents. If this sounds tempting to you, take digital forms out for a spin and see for yourself how they help you boost your construction business’ productivity!

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4) Administer your budget digitally 

An exceptional construction project requires a thorough tracking of expenditures and other relevant indicators that can affect your budget.

How do you currently record your expenses? Please tell us your system doesn’t involve paper and pen! Today, there are many digital ways in which you can administer your budget, but mobile forms have become the most convenient way to do it. Let us tell you why.

Using mobile forms as your expense report app allows you to track and manage your budget on the go just from your mobile or tablet. All you have to do is select the expense form template and customise it to suit your needs. As we previously mentioned, all your data will be connected to the Cloud, so you will be able to inform other team members in real-time about any budget updates.

Another upside about using this digital solution to track your budget is that some mobile form apps allow their users to attach invoices, or even scan receipts. Consequently, by taking advantage of these features, not only will you control your budget, but you will also have every related document in the same place.

Kizeo Forms is one of the form builder apps that include these elements in its solution. If you’d like to learn more about them, follow this link and find out!

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Improve employee management

Dealing with a big crew and delegating multiple tasks at the same time can be exhausting (and sometimes nerve-racking too). You need to keep track of everything that happens during a working day while leading your team efficiently and making sure they are safe. That’s a lot on your plate. For this reason, Kizeo Forms has developed a few tools to help you out. Keep reading!

5) Corroborate working hours

What if we tell you there’s a simple and easy way to monitor working hours?

Our timesheet app allows your employees to clock in hours in the field directly from their mobiles. Once they complete all the data, you will receive an automatic report in your email. This helps managers easily track attendance and approve time entries. Additionally, you or your team supervisors will be able to approve/reject employees’ timesheets with our digital signature feature, and send them over to your Human Resources Department to edit their payslips. This app is also useful to monitor the work of third parties that might be participating in your project.

7. 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Construction Business Through Mobile Forms

Also, when it comes to sharing information, monitoring working hours with a mobile forms app has an upside. Kizeo Forms, for instance, makes it surprisingly easy for you to generate reports. Users can automate the style of their reports and the information they wish to include. There are three formats to choose from Word, Excel and PDF. This method will allow you and your supervisors to instantly make daily, weekly and monthly reports, either on the hours of an employee or the entire workforce.

Timesheets are incredible to further analyse how your crew is working. By tracking working hours, you will be aware of how much time each task takes. And by doing so, you can estimate if the construction work will meet its deadline or if more employees are needed to finish the project. What are you waiting for? Start tracking hours through mobile forms and stop missing out on details!

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6) Monitor PPE usage and quality

We understand that employee safety always comes first. Working in a safe environment is not only a necessity but also an important part of team motivation. Consequently, as an employer, it’s essential to provide your crew with the corresponding protective equipment. Especially in a hazardous environment, such as a construction site, counting on proper personal protective equipment is critical.

Taking the above into consideration, we’d like to assist you in taking care of your team. Mobile forms can help you monitor if PPE is correctly used and verify its quality. How long has your team been using the same equipment? When should you buy new ones? You need to have accurate information to answer these questions.

That’s when mobile forms come in. This digital solution will allow you to conduct surveys aimed to evaluate how many of your employees use PPE. Also, they will enable you to perform swift inspections and evaluate if any equipment needs to be replaced. The possibilities are endless! If you are ready to upgrade your construction business’ safety through mobile forms, read on and find out about 10 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety through Mobile Forms.

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7) Identify risks to protect your team

In line with our previous point, active monitoring is elemental to making sure your crew is safe. Being aware of where risks can arise can make an outstanding difference. In this sense, identifying hazards and pinpointing dangerous areas can help a lot. Once again, mobile forms can take some of the workloads off your shoulders.

By using a forms app you can make workplace safety collaborative. Building safety forms where your team can report on hazards, near misses and accidents is an amasing way of involving them. As a bonus, many eyes see better than one. By getting your team on board, you will be able to identify more risks in your construction site than if you were the only one seeking them.

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Additionally, mobile forms apps offer exciting features that will help you report on hazards clearly. Some of these include

  • Geolocation: this element allows you to locate yourself or your team members by recording your geographical position. As a consequence, while carrying out site inspections, you can precisely determine where hazards are located. This makes it easier for the corresponding team to later fix them.

  • Images: by including images on your safety reports you will be sure any issue is properly understood. This will allow for faster and more accurate fixes.

One of the forms apps that offers these features in its solution is Kizeo Forms. Our app also includes two tools that can be used for this purpose: 

  • Our risk assessment app allows you to identify risks at the construction site and take the corresponding preventive measures to protect your employees. 

  • Near miss reports: these are the perfect solution to maintain your safety standards. They can help you detect any misses at the construction site, from workers not following safety measures to equipment failure, to prevent incidents.

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As you can see, mobile forms are a great tool for maintaining your construction project safe! However, that’s not all. We’ve still got three more ways in which digital forms can help your business. Read on to find out!

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Ramp up your productivity

Construction businesses are always battling against time. There are certain deadlines that need to be met and customers to keep happy. Hence, finding a way to optimise processes, increase efficiency, and boost productivity should always be on your mind. Wondering how to achieve this? Read on, or download our Bouygues Energies Case Study to find out more!

Download your Bouygues Case Study

8) Speed up site inspections

You no longer need to fill out a paper document and drive it over to the office to be stored and analysed. By using mobile forms, you can create site inspection reports to be completed through employees’ mobile devices in real-time. Even without an internet connection!

Additionally, you will never have to head back to the office after an inspection, only to digitalise your on-site notes. The amount of time saved will be spectacular! Teams will be able to use this valuable time to carry out more site inspections or even start analysing the collected data.

Our inspection checklists are one of the best options to save time. With just a few clicks, you can customise your checklist to report all the information you need: add mandatory fields, use conditional logic to visualise fields depending on the type of data that is being entered, and more.

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Eager for more? We’ve got you covered. Kizeo Forms offers two phenomenal features that will contribute to speeding up your site inspections:

  • The drawing element: this element allows the user to make a sketch, take a photo or choose a picture from a mobile device (Photo Library) and then annotate it to report a problem, for example. While carrying out a site inspection, this feature is priceless! You, or anybody on your team, will be able to exactly point out where an issue is by taking advantage of the drawing element. Find out more about this element here.

  • Voice Recordings: easily record and attach voice notes to your forms. This feature allows the user to expand on an idea or make live comments while performing a site inspection. With this feature, no more details will be missed!

What are you waiting for? Mobile forms are easier to fill out, quicker to share, and harder to lose. Start speeding up your site inspections now! 

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9) Track your daily progress

Tracking your project’s daily progress is essential to analyse if things are being done efficiently and, if not, visualise what can be improved. When you report the progress of each team inside your crew, you can target which things are running smoothly and where things are being missed.

Being aware of the daily advances can even help the management team determine if the project’s deadlines are going to be met, if employees are lacking motivation, or if a new working dynamic needs to be established.

With Kizeo Forms you can create daily reports to record the development of your project on a given day, including all the tasks that have been done, the number of hours dedicated by the team, any relevant observations, and other data you might need to outline.

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10) Share relevant information in real-time

Can you imagine how easy your life (and your team’s life) could be if all you had to do was click “Share” each time you need to send a document or contract? As awesome as this might sound, with Kizeo Forms it is possible.

All of our mobile forms work with Cloud Storage. As a consequence, any collected data gets automatically stored in the Cloud and can instantly be shared with other users. It’s simple and safe. You no longer have to wait until your coworkers turn on their computers!

What’s more, all users can export this data and analyse it with the software of their choice. They can even use the Kizeo Forms analytics dashboard to analyse information, identify KPIs and make business decisions.

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Construction sites can come with plenty of worries, from meeting deadlines, and managing inventory and equipment, to complying with sanitary and safety regulations. Filling in paper documents and managing messy data do not need to be on that busy list anymore! Kizeo Forms provides a user-friendly and accessible solution that fits your needs. It’s time to go digital! Our mobile forms solution will help you take your construction business to the next level. If you are ready to rock your organisation and boost its efficiency, head on to our website, and schedule your free trial today!

Are you ready to enhance your processes, boost productivity, and collect your data in just a few clicks?


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