Gain the Most Productivity with Field Forms

Every organization seeks to increase productivity. Find out how choosing Kizeo Forms to manage your business’ information will help you achieve this.

Every organization seeks to increase productivity. One of the main reasons for this; everyone benefits from it.

If you want to take your organization’s productivity to the next level, you need a reliable and effective way to gather and store all your data. That means finding a system that is: 

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Secure

Find out how choosing Kizeo Forms to manage your business’ information will help you achieve this.


Stay Informed Wherever You Go

To make the “best decisions”, we need to be informed. But, how will you make good decisions if you can’t access information when you need it? Our location can limit our access to the most important asset of an organization (its information). Here’s how we can get a hold of it, even without an internet connection.

Why is data the core of any business?

For a team to work at its best, all of its members need to rely on having the most recent and accurate data. This way everyone will be on the same page, and able to prioritize urgent issues. Additionally helping avoid any communication problems.

As the saying goes, “you cannot control something you cannot measure”. Having precise data enables your business to measure its performance and results. Consequently, you and all of your team members will be able to identify opportunities and enhance what is being done properly.

Apart from identifying opportunities, collecting and analyzing data enables your organization to assess how processes are functioning and even plan ways to reduce costs.

Why offline forms are beneficial for your fieldwork

If you work on the road, at a construction site, or on a farm, you know the pains and difficulties of finding a comfortable place to set up your laptop to have calls and research.  Here’s when smartphones come in handy. 

When working in the “field”, you will need a digital form on your mobile device. This will allow you to collect data in a standardised and secure way. Once you’ve gathered all the details needed, you can even send them instantly to your co-workers who are at the office. It will save you a lot of time! Through this digital tool, your team will be able to start processing information while you’re still in the field.

Engineer using mobile forms

Kizeo Forms is a mobile forms app that empowers you to create different forms which you will later be able to fill in from any mobile device. Its technology allows you to:

  • Add special features such as geolocalization
  • Send and upload real-time photos
  • Include barcodes and QR codes
  • Make automatic calculations
  • Sign documents digitally 

The most common issue when working in the field is not being able to connect to wifi or mobile data. With Kizeo Forms, that’s not a problem! Its “offline mode” allows you to access all of your forms and data, without an internet connection.


Save Your Time And Energy For What Really Matters

Keeping a paper registry of your organization’s data can be a good way of storing your business’ information, in its early stages. However, we all know how time-consuming creating these registries can be. Today there are ways of entering data in a more agile way; going paperless!

How much time can I save by going paperless?

Are you working from home after hours? Re-transcribing your on-site notes and filling forms with the day’s insights can be tiring and unproductive. 

There is a way to avoid this. Kizeo Forms ensures data is directly transferred from the field upon form completion. This saves you the time it would usually take to re-enter that same information afterwards.

Technician doing a site survey using mobile forms

This solution provides a digital way of managing your business’ information, ensuring that all of your data will be securely stored in one place and making it available to you at any time. Forget about sore fingers and ink-stained hands, there is now a solution that will allow you to manage data digitally and, consequently, increase your organisation’s productivity. 

Moreover, by migrating to mobile forms you will be able to share live information with your co-workers back at the office. This will enable them to start analyzing data while you’re still on the field. Kizeo Forms provides a positive impact on your organisation’s productivity.


Today digital equals safe

While paper forms used to be a great tool, today there are more secure ways of managing your organization’s data. Read on to see why digital is the way to go.

Are you sick of using paper? Losing your data?

Many organizations still rely on paper forms and documentation. Papers can get lost, you can spill liquids on them, when they cumulate they tend to take up a lot of space and they are only available at the place you stored them.

Businessman spilled coffe over work documents

All of this discomfort can be over in just one click, by switching to digital forms. Manage and store your business information in a single, safe place, and get guaranteed access to it at any time.

Sharing data on the cloud is now very secure

Cyber security is a company's main concern when deciding whether to go digital or not. Information breaches cause great anxiety but rest assured, the cloud is as safe as your office and sometimes even more. 

Kizeo Forms is not an exception. Through encrypted forms and GDPR compliance, our mobile forms app ensures all of your data is securely stored. This enables only your team members to access it. In addition, Kizeo Forms’s service includes spam protection, which prevents robots from filling out your forms, while keeping the form-filling process simple.

While paper forms might be stolen or lost, digital forms have many barriers that prevent that from happening.


Is Going Digital A Good Decision?

Digitalisation can be cumbersome sometimes. This is how switching to a digital way of working can impact your organization:

Risks of not going digital

Choosing paper forms over digital ones equals more workload and higher costs you may not be taking into account. Storage costs of keeping every single paper file are significant. Whole rooms, cupboards, and even warehouses are sometimes used to store physical files. This implies high maintenance costs, which many times impact an organization’s profitability. 

Also, the time spent searching for a document through heaps of boxes makes your team impractical and ineffective.

Storage room full of documents

Collecting information on the worksite traditionally tends to be inefficient and error-prone. Which leads to imperfect decision-making and higher costs. 

Lastly, paper forms make teamwork difficult. Digitalisation promotes team-working, a practice highly encouraged by businesses nowadays. When working exclusively on paper, teams have to print multiple copies of the form, work on them separately, and then share their versions with the rest of their team before moving forward. Digital solutions allow simultaneous editing and easy sharing of documents.

ROI of switching to a digital forms solution

Converting to a digitalised work environment is beneficial to organizations. Digital forms allow employees to provide better customer service enhancing their experience with your brand. As mobile forms are easier and faster to fill than paper ones, employees can spend more time and attention speaking to customers, understanding their needs and consumption habits.
It also enables them to create a relationship with prospects, hence, making them feel important. This results in happier clients, which consequently leads to more purchases. All together impacting directly on an organization's profitability.

Waiter using mobile forms to take clients order

Digital forms also allow the optimisation of operations and processes. Through improving communications, eliminating redundancies, and smoothing workflows, digital forms lead to an increase in productivity. In some cases they even reduce costs. This Impacts positively on an organization and its revenue.

As you can see, it’s not only about the limitations paper forms present, but also about the benefits mobile forms offer. Incorporating technology will boost your Return on Investment and make your shareholders or investors extremely happy.


Why Going Paperless Is Good For You And The Environment

Let’s walk through the environmental benefits together:

Environmental impact of using paper forms

Every year, over 30 million acres of forests are destroyed in the production of paper. Every paper production facility uses large amounts of water. Most pieces of paper end up being burned somewhere on our planet therefore emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

What tools are available for you to change this reality? Working with digital forms, for example, is a great way of reducing paper consumption. By using them, organizations can avoid printing unnecessary sheets and forms that will most probably end up in a dustbin later on. 

Kizeo Forms offers the possibility of smoothly transforming your paper-based culture into a digitalised one. The solution consists of an online form creator, available for Android and iOS. Through this digital form builder, you will be able to set up and customise all the forms you need simply, quickly, and in a cost-effective way.

Team members using Kizeo Forms

Why being environmentally friendly is vital for a modern company

It is crucial to listen to your customers' thoughts, likes, and dislikes when making decisions for your company. Luckily, customers have gained the power to lead companies into making more environmentally friendly choices.

Because of our higher level of consciousness regarding the human impact on Earth, clients now seek environmentally friendly organizations hoping to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Mobile forms will help you reduce the amount of paper consumed and will lower your organization's impact on the environment. You can contribute to our environment’s sustainability through Kizeo Forms. It's easy, economical, and secure solution will make the transition from paper to digital really simple.


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Digital forms and their contribution to workplace safety

One of your priorities is to guarantee employees’ safety at work. This means looking out for hazards and dangerous situations. Our tools will help you ensure a safe environment in your company. Read on to learn how!

The importance of safety in the workplace

A work environment free from hazards and accidents benefits both employers and employees. Moreover, it has been proven that employees are more satisfied and productive in a secure environment. 

Ensuring workplace safety is a team effort. If a team member strives to create a safer work environment but his co-workers do not follow him, his efforts will be in vain. 

Fortunately, tools can be implemented to make this easier. Digital forms, for example. By implementing them, employers can keep track of any potential threat in their work environment and prevent accidents from happening. These forms can be filled by any employee and from different devices, allowing each to select the option that best suits them. 

Kizeo Forms is an expert in this field and even offers several templates you can adapt to your organization’s needs. Through Kizeo’s near misses application, risk assessment app, and COVID-19 prevention application (just to name a few), you can create the perfect safety plan for your team. Schedule a demo now and guarantee your crew’s safety!

Carpenter working withproper protective equipment

How can we reach zero incidents at work by using Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Forms helps you create an all-in-one data collection app to ensure workplace safety. Through its varied form alternatives, you will be able to tailor the forms your organization needs, to guarantee your employee’s safety.  

Do your employees work in the field? You can protect employees in hazardous working environments by monitoring that personal protective equipment is used correctly. If they work at the office, you can prevent ergonomic hazards through regular ergonomic inspections to avoid and reduce work-related injuries. Are your employees going back to work after COVID-19? Through this app, you can perform regular safety inspections to ensure all measures are in place.

There are many ways in which Kizeo Forms can contribute to your workplace safety. All you need to do is select the alternatives that best suit your organization. Then, you will be able to start working with the peace of mind a secure and healthy environment provides.


An intuitive and simple to use app

Do I need technical skills to use Kizeo Forms?

When speaking to many of Kizeo Forms’ potential clients, the most recurrent concern is the need for special skills to work with our solution. Many other digital forms platforms require this, however, this app does not require any additional computer skills. Anybody who knows how to use a computer or cellphone will be able to operate with Kizeo Forms. You can implement it in your organization in a simple, fast, and economical way.


Will I get support if I need help using Kizeo Forms?

Kizeo Forms is committed to helping each organization achieve success. We offer numerous support resources to help you learn how to use the platform in an optimal way. 

An example of this commitment is Kommunity. Kommunity is the mutual help platform for Kizeo Forms users. A real space for exchanging information, and sharing experiences, dedicated to the application. It is available to all its users for free and unlimited support.

If you are not able to find an answer to your question through Kommunity, you will find help available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET) from Kizeo’s customer support team. Reach out for help from anywhere in the world, through phone or via email.


Benefits of digital forms for team-work

Teamwork can be challenging sometimes. Technologies and applications make working together easier. Let’s go through some of the issues teams might have, and a few ways to solve them.


Are data quality and consistency important to your business?

Seeing that “there are as many ways of doing things as there are people on this planet”. each of us tends to do things in divergent ways. Although this can be an asset, it might also trigger some organisation difficulties.

When each employee works differently, communication issues appear and trouble finding consistency in the data presented. All of this might result in a bad working environment, lead to mistakes, and even poor decision-making. 

Businesses should strive to achieve the highest level of consistency and data quality from their employees. To do this, standardizing processes is key. 

Working with digital forms is a great way of guaranteeing information standardisation. Through this tool, all employees will be entering and reading the information in the same way, hence “speaking the same language”.

Team collaborating through mobile forms

How do I standardize processes at my enterprise?

Standardising processes is a great way of ensuring data consistency throughout an organization, increasing productivity, and reducing after-hour work. One way of achieving this is through digital forms. 

Digital forms are electronic versions of paper forms that allow employees to access data from any location and fill in the information in a homogeneous and fast way. Working with this kind of form creator will eliminate inconsistencies among your employees' work. This will allow you and your team to understand the information better and faster.

Some types of digital form apps allow you to standardize and customize reporting. Once your team has gathered the necessary information on-site, they will be able to select the desired report, and the app will automatically generate it based on the data collected. Furthermore, if wanted, this report could be sent via email to the rest of the team members. In this way, everyone will get the most accurate and recent information at the same time.

Kizeo Forms offers all of these features. You can also add geolocation, digital signatures, and live images. It is without a doubt a super complete digital tool that will enable you and your team to make the most out of everyday work.


Benefits of digital forms for Managers

Digital forms can contribute to workplace safety and teamwork, and they can also help Managers better manage the organization's data. 

Manage and track your employees from any location

Once your team has downloaded the mobile forms app, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Manage teams by creating user groups, access, and permissions
  • Create and send personalised emails and reports to the employees or partners, based on the form fields filled out
  • Monitor work thanks to complete transparency: export the data recovered, analyse, and make business decisions
  • Integrate your organization’s forms with various platforms (API, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.) for no additional cost

If you want to take your organization to the next level, head on and schedule your free demo with Kizeo Forms!


Go beyond data collecting

What comes after getting digital forms?

Collecting data is great but, what should I do next?

Collecting data is important. However, the real value comes from its analysis and evaluation. Step 1 is to gather the information through mobile forms. Step 2 up the digital path is going over all of the information your organization has collected. This will allow you to identify patterns and opportunities, make better (and informed) decisions, justify investments, and more. 

A good way of analyzing information is by representing it through graphs or charts. This will enable you to view data in a clear and visual way. You can also create reports in which you will be able to conclude the best course of action to be taken.

Businesswoman analysing data chart

How can I represent data?

One of the best ways to represent data clearly is through reporting. These provide a simple way of analyzing information and allow better decision-making. 

Many mobile forms creators include the possibility of designing reports automatically using the information collected through their mobile forms. With Kizeo Forms you can customize your reports, adding features such as digital signatures, or geolocation. Once you’ve got the report ready, Kizeo Forms allows you to email it to your customers, employees, and superiors.

Whether you want to improve your team’s productivity or switch to a more environmentally friendly type of organization. If you want to store your business information more securely, or any other reason you might have, it is clear that managing data in a digital way is the best way to go. Kizeo Forms provides a simple, economical, and accessible solution to all of your needs. It is time to go digital! For more information and assistance visit

Save several hours per day using the Kizeo Forms application! Through this mobile forms creator, you will be able to send reports via email directly from your mobile device/tablet and avoid time spent in re-transcribing and re-entering data. All of this shared information will be safely stored in the cloud, so you won’t need to worry about losing it. Moreover, Kizeo Forms provides the possibility of customising each created form, to address your organization’s specific needs. The best part? It is easy to use and economically accessible!


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